New Bing Ads Location Report Shows Whether Ads Were Triggered By Physical Location Or Location Interest

The Bing Ads team has added a new Geo Location report that offers more detail on the type of targeting methods used in serving your ads.

The report is available under the list of Targeting reports via the Bing Ads API and the web UI.  Aptly named, the “Geo location (New version)” report includes two new columns:

  1. Location type shows the targeting that was used to serve each ad– Physical location or Location of Interest
  2. Most specific location gives more detail about where ads are being displayed by showing the most specific location used in the ad targeting.

Bing Ads Location Type ReportingThe new report is particularly helpful if you’re using the default “Show ads to people in, searching for, or viewing pages about your targeted location”. Now you can see granular location detail of users when your ads are triggered by “location of interest” targeting.

The old report is still available under the name “Geo location (Old version)”.