New ‘Call-Only’ Ad Types Arrives In Google AdWords To Make Mobile Easier


A new ad unit has been spotted in AdWords that is geared towards mobile marketers looking at calls for conversions. The new “call-only” ads can be chosen during the ad creation process to help make mobile ad creation (for those into calls) easy.

This functionality was previously able to be accomplished with a detailed call extension set-up, but the new ad type is dead simple. First, users click to create ads, then they can drop down to choose the call-only ad type.


After placing in all of their ad information, proper URL and phone call tracking users will have an ad that will not drive traffic to their site, rather will only drive calls. So why the URL you may be asking. It helps show who users are in fact calling, and when the ad is clicked, the number is loaded up on the searcher’s phone. It should also be noted that when a click occurs (not necessarily a call) the advertiser is charged.

Overall, this is a huge time-saver for advertisers and a nice foray into a (almost) true mobile ad within Enhanced Campaigns..

For more information see Philly Marketing Labs who discovered the new unit.

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