New Search Engine Indexes Thousands Of Radio Stations With Artist, Song, Genre & Show Search Filters

Radio Search EngineA beta version of launched this week after more than a year in development. According to its creator Michael Robertson, the site is the world’s first radio search engine, “There are other directories of A-Z lists of radio stations, but this is the first search engine where any song or artist can be located on stations playing from anywhere in the world.”

Unlike where users search by a station’s location or call letters, Radio Search Engine offers multiple search features, allowing users to search by artist, song, music genre and radio show.

The site includes a list of trending songs and shows, along with a universal audio player. The fast-forward button on the audio player skips to similar songs, while the ‘thumbs up’ icon offers a list of similar stations and the ‘thumbs down’ icon takes users to a new station.

Robertson says his site indexes thousands of radio stations worldwide evenly split between Internet-only stations and simulcasters that transmit their AM/FM stations online. Radio Search Engine also has an API that developers can use to build mobile apps, Web players, search engines and any other audio application.

The following video recorded by Robertson offers an overview of his newly launched search engine:

Click here to view the embedded video.