Now You Can Apply AdWords Conversion Settings To Goals Imported From Analytics

new-google-adwords-logoThe ability to import goals from Google Analytics into AdWords just got even more useful. Now you can tailor them to your paid search objectives by adjusting the conversion settings on each imported Analytics goal and transaction within AdWords.

Flexible conversion counting, customized conversion window and editable conversion values can now be applied to any goals and transactions imported from Analytics.

Conversion windows can be set between 7 to 90 days.

Flexible conversion counting gives advertisers the option to count unique conversions only or every conversion action that occurs after an ad click. You can count multiple white paper and catalog downloads as a unique lead and all sales as individual conversions, for example.

With editable conversion values, paid search managers can set different values for goals and transactions imported from Analytics that reflect the goals of their PPC campaigns without changing those values in Analytics. This then allows advertisers to set bidding rules, for example, based on the conversion values set in AdWords.

Note that changes made in AdWords won’t affect how the numbers are reported in Analytics.

Conversion settings on goals and transactions imported from Analytics can be edited from the Conversions section under the Tools tab in AdWords.