Optmyzr Launches Google Shopping Campaigns Setup Tool

Optmyzr google shopping campaigns splitterThere are many benefits of the new Shopping Campaigns structure that Google ushered in on September 1st, however, the setup process can be cumbersome and iterative, particularly if you have the same type of campaign structure across multiple campaigns. To help advertisers set up their Shopping Campaigns faster, Optmyzr has launched a tool called the Shopping Campaign Splitter.

The second Google Shopping campaign tool in Optmyzr’s lineup — the first being a bulk bidding tool called Shopping Bidder — the Shopping Campaign Splitter allows advertisers to define the campaign structure of a campaign (or multiple campaigns) upfront.

Using the tool, advertisers specify how they want their products grouped based on attributes in their Merchant Center feeds. The process prevents duplicate product targets being created so you don’t end up with products competing against themselves.

Once you determine the campaign structure you want, the tool will import the data accordingly from the Merchant Center feed that is linked to Optmyzr.

Advertisers can assign bids and exclusions more quickly, without the fear of overriding existing exclusions and custom bids (an easy thing to do in AdWords itself). So if you set a custom bid for a product target and then adjust the bids at a top category level, that product target bid will stay put.

Both Shopping Campaigns tools are part of Optmyzr’s monthly plans. Here’s a quick demo video from Optmyzr founder, Frederick Vallaeys.

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