Optmyzr’s New Enhanced Scripts Tool Takes The Programming Out Of AdWords Scripts

Optmyzr Enhanced Scripts for AdWordsAdWords scripts can be incredibly powerful for automating account management and reporting. The kicker for non-developers and even those mildly familiar with Javascript, is that setting up and managing AdWords scripts is often confounding. Even for programming pros, script management can be a time suck of customization and troubleshooting.

To solve this problem, Optmyzr launched Enhanced Scripts™, today. The company, which creates tools and reports to make AdWords management easier, allows users to set up and modify scripts through a form in Optymzr’s web interface.

Users copy-and-paste a piece of static code into every AdWords account, or into an MCC. Then ad managers can add custom settings on the Optmyzr site.

“Scripts have saved me a lot of time when doing advanced reports or custom optimizations, but they have also taken a lot of time to maintain, especially when I needed slightly different settings for a script in different accounts. This is a common problem for a lot of account managers and that’s why we created Enhanced Scripts,” says Frederick Vallaeys, CEO of Optmyzr.

The company says it aims to introduce new Enhanced Scripts every month. At launch the following scripts are available:

  • Create Ads From a Spreadsheet
  • Calculate Account Quality Score
  • Pause Low Quality Score Keywords
  • Ad Template Text Report
  • Segmented Date Range Comparison
  • Keyword Match Type Report

A demo video of Enhanced Scripts is below:

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