Perseid Meteor Shower 2014 Stars In Its Very Own Google Logo


Last night’s Perseid Meteor Shower won a spotlight on a number of Google’s international homepages, but has yet to make it to Google’s U.S. site.

Designed by Google Doodler Sophie Diao, the animated logo is an illustrated time lapse of the meteor shower set to music by Niko Leiva.

One of my favorite road trip memories is driving up the Pacific Coast Highway near Big Sur and pulling over to observe the stars.
Sophie Diao

The annual Perseid meteor shower gets its name from the Perseus constellation, as the meteors are believed to originate within the constellation from the Swift-Tutte Comet. According to, the best time to catch the shower’s shooting stars this year will be during the evening of August 12 into the morning of August 13.

There’s a chance Google is waiting to post the U.S. logo to coincide with the meteor shower’s peak viewing times tomorrow night. Since the logo was inspired by California’s nighttime skies, it seems only fitting it will eventually show up on the U.S. homepage.

Just in case it doesn’t make it to the U.S., you can see the logo and accompanying video on Google Canada’s homepage, or you watch the video here:

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