Pitfalls to avoid when working with SEO

When trying to grow traffic for a new site, it can be daunting developing just the right search engine optimization strategies to get your page noticed in search engine rankings. However, the road is also dotted with traps that can undermine your goals if you don’t know what to watch out for. This is where our New Mexico search engine optimization customers are in luck, because our Albuquerque web design specialists have years of experience with SEO tricks and traps and can help your site avoid all the pitfalls.


Google is aware of SEO

One thing to keep in mind when putting together your SEO campaign is that the search engine companies are aware of the techniques web developers are using to try to improve their ranking. These techniques are not secret. What’s more important to realize is that Google does everything it can to minimize the effects of the more questionable SEO tactics, such as loading a page with hidden text containing all the most-used keywords or hiring a link farm to provide web links to your site from thousands of its own pages.


Why does Google care?

The reason Google and other search engine companies try to minimize the effects of some of these tactics is that they want to provide quality search results to their users. They don’t want someone to go to the search engine looking for a particular bit of information only to be inundated with spam sites that exist only to generate revenue from affiliate ads. This would hurt Google’s reputation as a search provider and it would eventually lose business.


Does Google hate SEO?

Actually, though, Google is not necessarily against search engine optimization techniques in general. Again, the company is only want to ensure that search results are relevant and useful. Google actually welcomes SEO tactics such as registering a site map and using relevant keywords in your content and tags because these help the search engine to match quality sites with search terms. Google is not your enemy, they just want to keep everything above board.


Overdoing it can work against you


One gotcha that new SEO strategies fall afoul of is duplicating the same content over many pages on your site in order to give the illusion of lots of relevant pages matching a particular set of keywords. The problem with this is twofold. On one hand, legitimate customers who visit your site will be turned off by such amateur tactics and may be tempted to take their business elsewhere. Another problem is that web search engines have caught on to this trick and often not only fail to award rank based on the multiple pages, some engines like Google will actually downgrade your site if they see you doing this. They may even remove you from search listings entirely.


But the best way avoid running afoul of the search engines is to hire professional developers to put together your site. For the most effective SEO Albuquerque has to offer and for the web design Albuquerque businesses have come to trust, look no further than our own team of web development experts to set you up with a top notch search engine optimization strategy at a price you can afford.