Play The Google Feud Game & I Bet You’ll Lose


Growing up, many of us remember watching Family Feud, the game where you guess the most popular responses to questions. Sometimes you’ll complete a sentence, pick a name or answer a common question with a preference.

Google Feud applies the same concept but uses Google’s autocomplete search suggestions. Believe it or not, what most people search for might not be what you’d expect the answer to be.

As I take play the game, I am presented with “how do I get a” and I need to complete the phrase. I try how do I get a “job” or “money” or “happiness” but the common responses are “pink eye,” “bed bugs,” “scabies” and so on.

Whereas with Family Feud, you are surveying people on the street on these questions, Google Feud is using the most popular searches for those phrases, which will most often be very different from a survey.

Another interesting note is that Google actually designed this game internally back in 2010 according to Google’s Colin McMillen. Colin McMillen said “We used to play Google Suggest Family Feud in the Google Cambridge office, circa 2010. Glad someone’s made a web app.”

Go ahead, play it at, be warned, it is addictive.

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