Relcy Founder Satapathy Says He Has Built A Better Mobile Search Engine


The founder of mobile search app Relcy, Rohit Satapathy, believes he has built a better mobile search engine. His focus is less on mobile web content, though that’s there, than “apps and actions.”

Satapathy and his team for the past two years have been constructing what he says is a superior knowledge graph and an index of deep linked in-app content. Satapathy also argues that Relcy’s search results are more “actionable” than Google’s. An illustrative example is a comparison of results for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

Google search results Star Wars

Relcy search results

The top links and content featured in the Google SERP are essentially a replication of desktop results, ranked and formatted differently. (Ironically, Google desktop results for “Star Wars” prioritize movie showtimes versus news.) The Relcy mobile results favor movie showtimes, app content and the ability to buy tickets.

If a Relcy user clicks on an app icon, and it’s installed on her phone, it will open the app, and she’ll be taken to the relevant content within that app. Below is a local restaurant search example. If the app isn’t installed, she’ll either be taken to a mobile web version of the page or prompted to download the app. There’s also a discovery tab (not pictured) that offers a range of mostly local search categories.

Relcy local results

There’s no question that Relcy offers a rich and “native” mobile search experience. And people who download and use it over time may well agree it’s a better mobile search engine. The challenge for Relcy, however, is getting people to pay attention.

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