Report: Yahoo Search Share Up After Firefox Deal, Google Down


According to new data from StatCounter, Yahoo has seen a nearly 2 point search market share gain in the US in the past month. Attributing it to the recent Yahoo-Firefox default search deal, StatCounter reported that Yahoo had a share of 10.4 percent vs. 8.6 percent a year ago.

Google had a December share of 75.2 percent and Bing a share of 12.5 percent. According to the most recent data available from comScore, which pre-dates the Firefox deal, Google had a 67 percent share, Bing 19.6 percent and Yahoo 10.2 percent in the US.

comscore November 2014 search market share

The Yahoo-Firefox deal was announced in November. The browser has a roughly 16 percent share of the US market according to StatCounter. These search gains could be material to Yahoo in terms of revenue — especially if they hold up over time.

StatCounter characterized Yahoo’s post-Firefox position as its “highest US search share since 2009.” The company said by comparison that Google was a its lowest share “yet recorded by StatCounter.”

Last month StatCounter showed Yahoo with a significant search bump among Firefox 34 users:

Firefox 34 search usage

Yahoo’s mobile share is 10.9 percent according to StatCounter; Bing’s is 5.6 percent and Google’s is nearly 84 percent. The company is scheduled to report quarterly and full year 2014 revenues on January 27.

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