Russian Search Engine Yandex Gives Mobile App Developers Free Real-Time Analytics Tool

yandex-logo-200pxRussia’s largest search engine Yandex has released its Yandex Metrica for Apps, a free analytics solution available to mobile developers worldwide.

According to the announcement, the new analytics tool has been designed to work on Android, iOS and Windows Phone platforms, providing real-time reports on the search engine’s own apps.

“We wanted a reliable, as well as quick and easy, way to learn about the audience and usage of each of the 25 apps we’ve made so far,” said Yandex, “None of the analytics solutions could offer us the answers to our questions about our apps stats in real time.”

Yandex says with “only a few clicks” Yandex Metrica for Apps allows developers to create personalized profiles of their app’s audience and user reports based on a number of metrics, including: users’ country and interface language, app versions, operating systems, device type, mobile provider, user actions and session details.


More information about the Yandex Metrica for Apps solution, as well as a look at its Crash Report can be found on our partner site at Marketing Land: Russian Search Engine Yandex Launches Free Analytics Tool To Track Metrics For Its 25 Apps.