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There are any number of reasons one might market to marketers. Perhaps you offer a symbiotic service and seek agency partners or investors. Ad agencies can be fertile territory. Advertising agencies and marketers:

  • Subscribe to publications.
  • Buy conference passes.
  • Purchase apps.
  • License software.
  • And MUCH more.

Maybe you’re even an AdWords professional, creative strategist, social media-marketing manager or CMO softening up the Bay Area marketplace with thought-leadership content amplification prior to upcoming interviews.

San Francisco is marketing heaven if you have the chops, with many agencies offering advertising and marketing services of various stripes. Our team researched agencies, targetable using Facebook ads. The criterion for making the list is that some part of services offered include advertising and marketing. Some shops on the list are also focused on other industry areas like creative and PR.

A Holiday Season Gift From aimClear®

There are two psychographic segments below, downloadable as an .XLS for import into Power Editor, Facebook’s browser-based ad creation tool.

  • San Francisco Agencies (sfo-agencies). This segment is geo-specific, though some firms have employees in other areas.


  • San Francisco Marketers (sfo-marketers) Of course, if you choose, modify the geographic area, dial in interests, behaviors and any additional filters. There’s tons of data here about many kinds of marketing professionals, so have fun with this. The world of marketer targeting is at your fingertips.

Import targeting segments into Power Editor, or retype them by hand into Facebook’s targeting builders. Here’s the link. Enjoy, and welcome to December!


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