Schema Markup Shows In 36% Of Google Search Results, But Almost No Websites Use It [STUDY]

html-code-schema-300pxMore than one-third of Google’s search results incorporate rich snippets, but only a tiny fraction of websites are actually using the markup code.

That’s according to a new Searchmetrics study out today that examined Google’s U.S. search results in March “for tens of thousands of keywords and over half a million web domains.”

The study found that 36.6 percent of Google’s search results include “at least one snippet with information derived from” The most common integrations were the Movie and Offer types at 27 percent and 21 percent, respectively. After those two, TVSeries and Product tied for third.

Few Domains Using Markup

Despite the prevalence of rich snippets in Google’s search results (Bing, Yahoo and Yandex also support, but weren’t studied), Searchmetrics found that only about 0.3 percent of domains are using the markup code on their websites.


Not surprisingly, the study also found that “larger sites” are more likely to use Schema markup. There’s no definition given in the study on what makes a site big or small, but this has long been one of the concerns about — whether small businesses/websites would have the technical chops to take advantage of the rich snippet opportunity, or if that would be left to bigger companies with more skilled webmasters and more organized online marketing efforts.

By the way, if you’re part of the not-using-Schema-markup group, our article library is filled with How-To articles and more that can help get you started.

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