Search Engine Land’s Community Corner: Introducing the “Ask the #SMXpert” series

Search marketing is hard. There are so many aspects to it, so many changes happening in the space all the time – keeping abreast of what’s new, what’s coming, and how to manage those changes takes considerable effort. Sharing knowledge, tips, and tactics remains a hallmark of the best of what the search marketing community offers all who participate.

That’s why we work so hard here at Search Engine Land to ensure that we cover the news around the constant evolution of the industry – the news that matters most and will assist the most in keeping everyone up to speed and ahead of the curve. We work with the top talent in the community, attracting diverse voices and a range of expertise for all of our contributed content. This content — direct from in-the-trenches practitioners — provides the community with tips and tactics to level up their capabilities.

This same ethic of knowledge sharing extends to our Search Marketing Expo events, and top experts in the field join us on stage at our conferences so we can all collaborate and network together. The presentations delivered offer a deeper dive into the many topics and challenges confronting search marketers – and the opportunity to engage directly with the audience through Q&A.

We realize that the questions by the audience members at our events are pretty good indicators of the issues the community at large may be struggling with. Our Features Editor — and veteran search marketer as well as expert speaker Debra Mastaler — has curated these questions and the answers from our experts, and produced our latest featured series “Ask the #SMXpert.”

First out of the gate in the series will be articles featuring questions on technical SEO, Google penalties, and keyword research. You’ll get detailed answers to a variety of questions on these topics from Christine Churchill, Kaspar Syzmanski, Bastian Grimm, Dawn Anderson and Brian Weiss.

Be sure to download the presentations that these experts gave at our SMX event (links will be included in the articles). And note you’ll be able to submit your own questions to our expert speakers and contributors, for possible inclusion in this ongoing feature.

We’re thrilled to be launching the series and look forward to your feedback and participation!

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