Search In Pics: Android Mini Golf, Google Garage, & Glass At The Emmys

In this week’s Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the Web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have, and more.

Android Mini Golf:

android-minature-golf-1380887651 Source: Google+

Google Top Contributor Summit Awards:

google-top-contributor-awards-1380762191 Source: Google+

The Google Market:

google-wine-market-1380570595 Source: Flickr

Google Garage:

google-garage-15-years-later-1380542256 Source: Google+

Yahoo Carnival:

yahoo-carnival-day-1380037257 Source: Flickr

LEGO Trophies For Google Science Fair Winners:

google-science-fair-winners-1380051927 Source: Google+

Box Of Google Chocolates:

google-partners-chocolate-box-1380024150 Source: Google+

Google Glass At The Emmys:

emmys-google-glass-raj-1379937754 Source: Google+

Plants Take Over Google Zurich:

google-zurich-nursery-1379342459 Source: Google+