SearchCap: Google AdWords Callouts, Bing Ads Close Variants & Getty Images Sues Over Bing Image Widget

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Getty Images Sues Microsoft For “Massive Infringement” Of Copyright By Bing Image Widget
    It didn’t take long for Bing’s new Image Widget to come under fire for alleged copyright infringement. The feature, which enables online publishers to display photos pulled in by the Bing search engine, rolled out Aug. 22. Today, Getty Images filed suit in a New York federal court claiming that it’s a “massive infringement” of […]
  • Repositioning SEO Inside Your Company So Everyone Wins – September 23 Webcast
    Digital Marketing Depot presents “Repositioning SEO Inside Your Company So Everyone Wins” on Tuesday September 23 at 1 PM EDT. This webcast is about why and how your company can benefit from repositioning search engine optimization (SEO) inside your company to give your branding efforts a boost. Jessica Bowman, Founder and CEO or SEOinhouse and […]
  • Close Variants Come To Broad Match Modifier In Bing Ads
    A couple of weeks ago, Bing Ads announced it is testing close variants keyword matching on exact and phrase match terms. Today, they added close variants for broad match modifier keywords in the U.S. Using close variants means that the search engine will trigger ads for search queries that contain grammatical variations of the keyword […]
  • Could DuckDuckGo Overtake Bing?
    Amid growing privacy concerns and a deal with Apple, DuckDuckGo has the potential to become a major player in search.
  • YouTube Keyword Tool Sunsets: Replaced By AdWords Display Planner Tool
    The YouTube keyword tool has been shuttered for good. The company announced it would sunset on September 1st in favor of the Display Planner’s AdWords for video keyword suggestions. Users must have an AdWords account to access the Display Planner. Google began alerting users that the tool would be disabled on September 1st. Oddly, instead […]
  • Google Kerning Easter Egg Plays Tricks With Typography
    Google UK’s Peter Far found an Easter Egg designed specifically for hardcore typography fans. If you search for [kerning] in one tab, and [typography kerning] in another, you’ll notice a little extra space between the lettering on the [kerning] search results page. Search Engine Land’s Barry Schwartz put together the following animated image to show […]
  • Baidu To Build Computer Cluster 100X More Powerful Than The “Google Brain”
    Bloomberg reports on an interview with Andrew Ng, the chief scientist of Baidu, China’s largest search engine. Andrew Ng, who founded the Google Brain project at Google in 2011 and now is at Baidu, said that Baidu is working on building out a computing cluster that will be 100 times more powerful than what they […]
  • AdWords Callout Ad Extensions Roll Out, Offer More Text In Search Ads
    Today, Google announced the roll out of callouts, a new ad extension in AdWords that allows advertisers to show off unique offers and benefits of their sites, products and services with an additional line of text in their ads. Advertisers can use callouts to promote free shipping, around-the-clock customer service and price matching, as in […]

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