SearchCap: Google Analytics Tag Manager, Bing Ads Twitter Followers & Google Voice Search

Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google Analytics Rolls Out New Tag Manager Tools

    Google analytics rolled out new updates to its Tag Manager today, including new APIs, additional third party templates, and an updated interface. Google says its new Tag Manager API has, “All the power of the web interface.” According to Google, its new APIs make it easier to manage bulk user access, letting users set permissions […]

  • Bing Ads Showing Twitter Followers In Ads

    Bing and Twitter have had a partnership dating back to the ancient days of 2009 and have renewed their deal to feature tweets in the search results every two years since. Now, Bing Ads is testing out an integration to show the number of Twitter followers advertisers have within their ads. The test, first reported […]

  • 3rd-Party Campaign Management Platforms: A Secret To Search Ads Success

    Contributor John Cosley shares data from Bing Ads that quantify the benefits of using a third-party tool to manage search ad campaigns.

  • How Not To Ask For Reviews: A True Story About Local SEO

    Contributor Neil Patel tells the tale of a boutique hotel owner whose strategy for discouraging bad reviews backfired in a major way.

  • Teens Embrace Voice Search, Many Adults Feel “Like Geeks” Using It

    According to a voice search study commissioned by Google, the most smartphone-obsessed teens are using voice search every day. However many adults feel self-conscious or embarrassed when they talk to their smartphones. The study found that 45 percent of US adults said they felt “like a geek” talking to their phones. (Yet this is what […]

  • Bing Glitch Causes Either Just Ads Or Just Organic Listings To Display On Search Results

    A funky thing happened today on Bing. Depending on your location, it appears, Bing returned search results with either nearly all ads or the opposite, just organic results. All Paid With the exception of image search results and related search suggestions, the only results on a search for “jeans” were ads. Below is a desktop […]

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