SearchCap: Google Author Rank Lives, Facebook Mobile Search & In-App Search Engine

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From Search Engine Land:

  • Google Authorship May Be Dead, But Author Rank Is Not

    Google ended its three-year experiment with Google Authorship yesterday, but the use of Author Rank to improve search results will continue. Wait — you can have Author Rank without Google Authorship? And just what is Google Authorship versus Author Rank? Come along, because they are different things — and Author Rank lives on. What Google Authorship […]

  • Google Dorking: It’s All Fun & Games Until The Hackers Show Up

    For anyone not in the know, Google Dorking is the practice of using advanced search techniques – more specifically, specialized search parameters – to locate hard-to-find web pages and information. As innocent as it sounds, Google Dorking has a dark side – so dark, federal authorities are warning website owners of its dangerous nature. According […]

  • In-App Search: Great Idea, Not So Great Experience

    Google, Facebook and others are trying to bring the world of internet-style “deep linking” to apps. Google is indexing in-app links from Android in a bid to keep search relevant in a mobile world now dominated by apps. Facebook recently touted gains that its open-source App Link program has made. Now an independent search app […]

  • Why Your Content Marketing Team Needs A Link Builder

    Link building requires very different skills than those needed to create content. Make sure you have these very important capabilities at your disposal.

  • Google Allows Store-Exclusive “Nearby” Product Listing Ads On Desktop

    The ability to advertise locally-available products on Google via local product listing ads on mobile and desktop devices has been available since last fall. However, only on mobile devices could retailers promote items that were just available in-store. Now, Google has unofficially announced that this functionality is being extended to desktop to allow advertisers to […]

  • Google Blog Search Now Within Google News Search

    Google has quietly disabled the Google Blog Search home page at and redirects it to the Google home page. Now, if you want to filter content based on blog posts, you can do so by going to Google News, clicking on the Search Tools and selecting the “All news” drop down and checking off […]

  • Search In Pics: Google Coffee Lab, Android Ice Bucket Challenge & Public Urination Fines Via YouTube

    In this week’s Search In Pictures, here are the latest images culled from the web, showing what people eat at the search engine companies, how they play, who they meet, where they speak, what toys they have, and more. Google Coffee Lab: Source: Google+ Google Irvine Office Views: Source: Google+ Googleville: Source: Google+ Czech Republic […]

  • Google Retires Its Web Search API

    Google announced it has retired its Web Search API this morning, recommending developers use the Custom Search API in its place. Google noted the Customer Search API has a free quota of 100 queries per day.

  • Facebook Tests Searching By Keyword In Mobile Apps

    Eventually Facebook will bring Graph Search to mobile devices. At least Mark Zuckerberg says so. In January, he said it would be coming “pretty soon”. Facebook is staying quiet about any timetable, but now and then tests leak into public. In June, it was a test for mobile web users. This week, it’s a test […]

  • Live @ SMX East: Breathing New Life Into A Tired Paid Search Campaign

    If you’ve been doing paid search for a while, you’ve undoubtedly run into a situation where you’re working on a campaign that’s been moderately successful, but has essentially been on autopilot and isn’t taking advantage of any new features that could enhance its performance. Or perhaps you’ve inherited a campaign from another team or agency […]

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