SearchCap: Google Not Mobile Icons, Bing & Google Election Search & Amazon Google’s Competitor

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From Search Engine Land:

  • Google’s Eric Schmidt In Berlin: “Really, Our Biggest Search Competitor Is Amazon”

    The attitudes of European policy makers toward Google seem to have hardened of late. On various regulatory fronts, Google faces vocal critics and well-organized opposition. Google’s Eric Schmidt gave a speech earlier today in Berlin seeking to change some of those hardened hearts and minds. Schmidt argued that Google is not only not a monopoly […]

  • Influencer Marketing & Authorship for SEO Now – October 21 Webcast

    Digital Marketing Depot presents “Influencer Marketing & Authorship for SEO Now” on Tuesday October 21 at 1 PM EDT. Developing relationships with what the search engines call “topical authorities” and becoming one yourself is one of the cornerstones of SEO Now. In this webcast, Matt Roberts, Chief Strategy Office of Linkdex, will illustrate how individual […]

  • Bing & Google Offering New Search Tools For 2014 Election Season

    With the November 4th elections looming ever so near, both Bing and Google have launched search tools to help voters stay informed. From news and analysis, to predictions and voter registration information, each site is doing their part to help voters stay in-the-know during the 2014 election season. Here’s a quick overview of what Bing […]

  • New Google Feature Would Offer Video Chats With Doctors

    According to a report from, Google is trying out a new way to help users diagnose whatever ailments they may be suffering, or, at least, searching. When searching for illness-related symptoms, users would see a “Talk with a doctor now” link within the Google search card. Engadget said the link would provide a video […]

  • Be Ready for 2015! Attend SMX Social Media Marketing – Early Bird Rates Expire Friday

    In less than 90 days, 2015 budgeting will be complete, Black Friday will be a distant memory, and new marketing objectives will be the measure of your success. Be ready! Hone your paid, earned, and owned social media marketing skills at SMX Social Media Marketing in Las Vegas, November 19-20. Attend and you’ll learn proven […]

  • Simple Math To Show Potential Clients Why Local SEO Is Important

    Local businesses sometimes have trouble understanding how they’d benefit from SEO. Columnist Greg Gifford shows how you can boil it down to the basics.

  • Google Non-Mobile Friendly Icon Being Testing In Mobile Search Results

    Google is testing a new icon in the mobile search results that symbolize when a search result links to a page that is not mobile friendly. The icon is a mobile smartphone with a slash through the phone. Here is a picture from @malcolmcoles: This is compared to what Google was testing a couple weeks […]

  • Hold Your Horses: The Knowledge Vault Is Just A Research Project For Now

    You may have heard buzz about Google’s “Knowledge Vault.” Contributor Eric Enge explains what it is and the real-world implications you should be considering.

  • Google Searches For Halloween Costumes Show Frozen’s Elsa, Olaf & Anna Top The List

    What are the hottest and most desirable costumes for Halloween this year? Well, according to Google searches, the movie Frozen made three of the top ten list. Elsa, Olaf and Anna from Frozen the Movie are the top trending costume searches on Google Shopping. Elsa and Olaf are the top two and Anna is number […]

  • Up Close @ SMX: Avoiding SEO Disasters

    Contributor Russell Savage recaps Mark Munroe’s presentation at SMX East, in which he discussed common SEO disasters, as well as ways to detect and prevent them.

  • TopSEOs: “We Have Not Been Banned By Google”

    Despite Google apparently dropping two of its domains this week, TopSEOs denies that it has been banned and says it’s in contact with Google to discuss the situation. On Wednesday, Mark Jackson at Vizion Interactive posted that TopSEOs had been deindexed in Google’s search results. Sure enough, Google searches that day for returned no […]

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