SearchCap: Google Webmaster Tools API, Local Search On Apple Watch & The First Click Free Failure

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  • Apple Watch Brings Local Search To Your Wrist

    We don’t yet know how popular the Apple Watch will be when it goes on sale early next year. A “flash survey” conducted immediately after the announcement showed 33 percent of 1,000 U.S. respondents were potentially interested in buying one. The device carries a wide range of apps and features. Among them are Siri, Apple […]

  • Expert Insights On The Future Of SEO, Part 2

    In today’s installment, search industry veterans predict where SEO will be in 2020.

  • Google Says Indexing Its Own Results Was Mistake, Will Be Fixed

    Over the week, there were various reports of Google going against its own webmaster guidelines, by indexing its own search results. Last night, Google updated its robot.txt file to ensure it blocks its own search results from being in the Google search results. The guidelines read: Use robots.txt to prevent crawling of search results pages or other auto-generated pages that […]

  • Google Revamps Webmaster Tools API

    Google announced on the Webmaster blog that they’ve updated the Google Webmaster Tools API to bring it up to par with other Google APIs. Google has revamped how you authenticate for apps or web-services and it also gives you access to some of the main features of Webmaster Tools. Specific features within the new API […]

  • How Google Fails To Enforce “First Click Free” — An Eric Schmidt Case Study

    News publishers often want to be listed in Google. News publishers also often want to have paywalls or registration barriers. The good news is Google has rules that allow for this. The bad news is that Google routinely fails to enforce these rules. Below, a case study involving content in a major publication authored by […]

  • Google Knowledge Graph Now With “In The News” Box

    Google has launched a new Knowledge Graph panel on the right side named “In the news.” If you search for [jill duggar], you will see the new box come up on the right hand side. If you click on the link that reads “Headlines & Global News,” you would think Google would take you to […]

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