SearchCap: Google’s Matt Cutts Regrets, Bing On Firefox OS & Google Doodles

scap240pxBelow is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • Google’s Matt Cutts Regrets Not Acting Faster On Paid Links & Content Farms

    In Google’s Matt Cutts latest video, he answers a question I personally asked about what he regrets, what decision he regrets making in the past related to webspam. My question specifically was: Was there a key moment in your spam fighting career where you made a mistake that you regret, related to spam? Matt answered […]

  • Mighty Insight. Inspiring Presentations. Attend Search Engine Land Summit @SMX Advanced

    You deliver results daily, but keeping up is a challenge. And you know staying successful means identifying opportunities, implementing new technologies and processes, developing great people, and preparing for the next big thing. Agree? Then Search Engine Land Summit is for you. Invest a day hearing from thought leaders in search and internet marketing addressing […]

  • Official Google Advice On Internationalizing Your Home Page

    Google has published their official advice on the Google Webmaster Central blog on how to handle your home page when your web site serves multiple languages and countries. Zineb Ait Bahajji and Gary Illyes, Google Webmaster Trends Analysts, wrote the post together trying to break out the possibilities into three categories: (1) Having one home […]

  • Bing Launches On Firefox OS, Does It Matter?

    Bing has launched an app for the Firefox Marketplace. As pointed out by The Next Web, Google doesn’t yet have an official app there. Firefox OS is a mobile operating system “built entirely using open web standards” (HTML5). It’s both an effort to reinvigorate the mobile web and keep Firefox from falling into total mobile irrelevance. […]

  • Wayback Machine Adds 160 Billion Indexed Pages In A Year, Surpasses 400 Billion Indexed Pages

    The Internet Archive announced that the Wayback Machine, a huge internet archive of web pages dating back to 1996, has surpassed 400 billion pages indexed. In January 2013, a little over a year ago, the Wayback Machine said they had 240 billion URLs indexed and since then, they have added another 160 billion URLs! That […]

  • How To Get A Medical Marijuana Dispensary Into Google Places

    I was stoked when Chris Silver Smith turned us all on to the potential issues with marijuana and local search last month. As an early dabbler in helping marijuana dispensaries figure out local SEO, I, too, think it’s high time to help marketers recognize the challenges and opportunities in this fast-growing industry. One of the biggest […]

  • The Marketer Identity Crisis. Where Are The SEOs?

    Online marketing is dazed and confused. Not in the “dry herbs” style, but in the deer-in-the-headlights style. Or maybe both… to each his own. To begin with, I must state that I am an old curmudgeon by online marketing standards, having been in the field for over 14 years. I identify myself as an SEO […]

  • Dorothy Hodgkin Google Logo Marks The Nobel Prize Winning Biochemist’s 104th Birthday

    Adding another woman to the list Google logo honorees, today’s Google homepage recognizes the accomplishments of British biochemist Dorothy Hodgkin. The logo depicts an illustration of penicillin’s molecular structure, a discovery made by Hodgkin in 1945. While it had already been theorized, Hodgkin and her colleagues confirmed penicillin’s structure through her research in x-ray crystallography, […]

  • Mother’s Day Google Logo Celebrates The Superhero In Every Mom

    Today’s Google logo celebrates Mother’s Day with a colorful illustration of a caped Superhero mom, cycling along with her two children. This year marks the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day being a national holiday in the US. While it is celebrated around the world, Woodrow Wilson made Mother’s Day an official US holiday in 1914 […]

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