SearchCap: SEO Mistakes That Could Penalize Your Site, Bing Ads Offers Close Variants On Phrase Match & More

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  • SEO & SSL: A Conversation With Jon Henshaw Of Raven Tools

    Google says it will boost rankings for HTTPS sites, but, in an interview by contributor Clark Buckner, Henshaw recommends SEOs hold off.

  • 4 Easy & Honest SEO Mistakes That Could Penalize Your Site

    You did everything right when optimizing your site for search — or so you thought. Contributor Neil Patel explains where you may have gone wrong.

  • Type Or Speak “Hodor” To Google & Get A Game Of Thrones Surprise

    Google and its Google Search App now have a special surprise for “Game of Thrones” fans. Saying or typing “Hodor” causes Google to respond as Hodor would — speaking all in Hodor. Along with recent updates including new Now cards and a “flip a coin” feature, Google’s Search App has gained the Hodor support. Saying, “Ok Google, […]

  • For The Trifecta, Bing Ads Rolling Out Close Variants On Phrase Match

    Bing Ads has already announced the switch to include close variants on Exact Match and Broad Match Modifier keywords. Now Phrase Match keywords will also get the close variants treatment. With close variants, ads trigger on search queries that closely resemble the keyword — plurals, misspellings, abbreviations, and the like — while still adhering to […]

  • French Court Trying To Impose Right-To-Be-Forgotten Decision On Google Worldwide

    Google is facing daily fines of €1,000 in France, under a punitive ruling tied to the Right-to-Be-Forgotten (RTBF), unless it removes links to an article from its index globally, according to The Guardian. Several politicians in Europe have recently suggested that the RTBF should extend to all Google results worldwide, not just country level indexes. […]

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