SearchCap: The Day In Search, December 30, 2013

scap240pxBelow is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web.

From Search Engine Land:

  • 2014 SEO Playbook: Off-Page Factors

    Are you ready for 2014? Today’s column marks the third and final entry in my annual SEO Playbook. Part 1 primarily focused on what Hummingbird will mean for marketers in 2014, especially as it relates to content and authority. Part 2 took an updated look at on-page SEO factors, including content, HTML and architecture. In […]

  • PPC Excel Tips For Every Level: Part 2, Faster Campaign Analysis For Intermediates

    Today we have more handy Excel tricks from Bing Ads Evangelist John Gagnon. This second installment of PPC Excel tips focuses on intermediate level techniques for speeding up campaign analysis. Paid search managers will benefit, but really anyone using Excel for data analysis will find good information or a helpful refresher here. Intermediate Tip: Get more […]

  • Google’s Rap Genius Penalty Results In Huge Traffic Declines For The Lyrics Site

    Before Christmas, Rap Genius was outed for link schemes and then on Christmas, Google penalized the site for those link schemes. The penalty is still on and a couple metrics sites show huge drops in traffic for the site, some as much as losing 90% of their traffic since the penalty. Marcus from Search Metrics […]

  • Enhanced Campaigns & More: Our Top Paid Search Columns Of 2013

    Paid search has long been a staple of Internet marketing, yet the SEM landscape continues to evolve at what seems a lightning-fast pace year after year. This past year was no exception, as 2013 brought with it a host of changes for paid search marketers. The most notable of these changes was arguably Google’s announcement […]

  • Latest Google Related Dilbert Pokes Fun At Google Engineers

    On Friday, Scott Adams’s Dilbert published another Dilbert comic strip related to Google on Google Engineers. This one pokes fun on a stereotype that Google engineers are arrogant. As you can see from the comic, it plays heavily on how great Google engineers think of themselves. The comic starts with the employer saying: I hired […]

  • How SEO Greed Can Ruin A Perfectly Good Linking Strategy

    By now, you are likely aware of the Rap Genius “Tweet In Exchange For Anchor Text” link scheme, hencefore to be known as TieFating. Barry Schwartz reported last week on John Marbach’s exposé of the popular music site, Rap Genius, which had started an “affiliate” program in order to get links pointing to their website. After it was exposed, […]

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