Searching For Movie Showtimes? Bing Scores 100% In Test, Google Only 70%

google-bing-new-logosLooking for the next showing of “Jersey Boys”? If you’re searching for movie times, chances are you’ll have better luck finding them on Bing than searching for a movie on Google.

After the producers for the documentary “America: Imagine the World Without Her” accused Google of keeping the film’s showtimes out of Google’s search results, we conducted our own test to see how accurate Google and Bing were when it came to finding movie showtimes.

For movie title searches, both Google and Bing aim to display showtimes at the top of their search results, like this when searching “Tammy” on Google:

Showtimes for tammy Google

Or, the same search on Bing: Showtimes for tammy Bing

After performing movie title searches for last weekend’s top box office hits on both search engines, we discovered Bing returned movie showtimes for 100 percent of the searches, while Google was successful only 70 percent of the time.

Not only did Google fail to find showtimes for the film “America,” but it also missed the boat on “Jersey Boys” and “Deliver Us From Evil.” Also, to find showtimes on Google for the latest Transformers movie, the movie’s full title – “Transformers: Age of Extinction” – was required.

Meanwhile, Bing found showtimes for all of the top ten box office hits from last weekend, and “America” without having to search it – or Transformer’s – full title.

Searching For Movie Showtimes: Google Vs. Bing

Bing versus Google Movie Search results