Searchmetrics study shows most apps are not utilizing the Google App Indexing


Searchmetrics published a study on App Indexing showing that of the top 100 sites they monitor, very few actually deploy App Indexing in their apps.

The study showed that while 84 percent of the top 100 domains offer an Android app, and 88 percent of those web sites have an iOS app, only 30 percent of those Android apps deploy App Indexing and 19 percent of those iOS apps deploy App Indexing.

“Many companies have invested heavily in apps, yet on average 20 percent of the apps a person installs on their device are only ever opened once,” said Marcus Tober, CTO and founder of Searchmetrics. “App indexing is a fantastic opportunity to maximize the investment in your app — by helping to drive more traffic and interaction and potentially even conversions. On top of this, if your app supports app indexing, Google has indicated that it could potentially appear more prominently in searches.”

This is potentially a huge missed opportunity for these companies that already have apps.

Marcus Tober says App Indexing leads to more customer loyalty within the app, more app installs, a ranking boost for your app and potentially more conversions. Google also released case studies on the benefits of deploying App Indexing.

Here is a chart from the study showing the breakdown of these top web sites that have apps:


Here is the breakdown of those apps that have deployed App Indexing by iOS and Android platforms:


To download the full study, go here.

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