Seattle Seahawks Take The Lead In 33 States For Bing Super Bowl Searches

In an anticipation of the big game Sunday night, Bing has tallied searches for both Super Bowl teams across the country and found the Seattle Seahawks won the largest share of search volume in 33 states.

The search engine was quick to note the percentage of searches are “generally evenly divided indicating that Sunday’s game is shaping up to be a great match.”

Seahawks vs. Broncos Bing Searches Across the US:

Bing Super Bowl Searches 2014

Bing also measured player searches, with Broncos’ quarterback Peyton Manning winning 72 percent of the searches over Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson. On the flip side, Seattle Seahawks’ running back Marshawn Lynch won 52 percent of searches compared to Broncos’ running back Knowshon Moreno.

Bing Peyton Manning Search Bing Russell Wilson search

According to Bing, 81 percent of searches for Richard Sherman occurred after his overly energetic interview with Erin Andrews following the NFC Championship game on January 19.

Bing Richard Sherman search 2014

Another popular Super Bowl related search is Seattle Seahawks’ Derrick Coleman, the first hearing impaired athlete to play in the NFL. Bing reports 82 percent of searches for Coleman on its site have happened since the release of the Duracell commercial featuring the fullback.