SEO Albuquerque Firm Tips for Optimizing Web Sites

After the recent unconfirmed Google update, and now that Google shall no longer even confirm nor directly hint toward updates its a good idea to refocus your self on what important.

More and more toward the end of 2012 internet marketers from around the net started to focus more on giving Google what they want instead of manipulation techniques, but it seems now that even trusted reporting tools, and the SERP’s themselves cannot be fully trusted as a metric to measure your full SEO efforts. Let me give you a few pointers of where to focus for the best SEM results in 2013 and beyond, especially if you want to avoid penalty from upcoming updates.

1. Diversity among back link sources.

2. Variation in anchor texts on page and off page.

3. Solid optimized content.

4. Social SEO Buzz

Focus on these top SEO keypoints and you should be good to go in the coming years. More posts to come.