What is SEO and how can it help bring traffic to your site?

It can be difficult for any company trying to navigate all the buzzwords and technical jargon of web development when all they want to do is get a simple site up for their customers to use. You know that you want to do everything you can to make your site easy to find on the Net, but all this talk about back links and page rank can leave your head spinning. However, for any company in New Mexico search engine optimization is an important part of getting your site in front of as many eyes as possible, so let our Albuquerque web design specialists fix you up with a site that will get noticed.


SEO Defined

Before you can begin working on an SEO strategy, it help to know exactly what it’s all about. Search engine optimization is about taking measures to make the search engines rank your site higher in search results. Search engines use a variety of algorithms to rank how important or relevant a particular page is, and that rank is used to determine how likely a page will show up during a particular Web search. Effective application of SEO is a hallmark of contemporary Web design strategies.


How Google ranks pages

As you surely know, Google is the Web’s most popular search engine and it is the target of most SEO strategies. Google ranks pages by how “important” it perceives the page. That importance is primarily determined by how many other pages on the Net point to a particular page. But it is not as simple as it sounds. For one thing, the algorithm bases the rank given to a page based on a percentage of the ranks of all the other pages that point to it. Not only that, the engine is designed to detect attempts at rigging the results by using link farms, companies that specialize in providing large amounts of links that point to the pages of their customers.


Content SEO

Another way to use the algorithms of a search engine to a site’s benefit is to research which keywords are used to look for topics that relate to the particular site’s pages. Someone searching for a daycare service may type “daycare”, “daycare service”, or “babysitting” into a search engine. If these are the top search terms, it is helpful to have them in the content of your pages so that you have a better chance of having your page shown in search return results for those keywords.

These are just a few of the many ways that by using SEO Albuquerque companies can make the Web work in their favor. But you don’t want to go it alone. For trusted services in web design and SEO Albuquerque companies have come to trust our web professionals to get their sites prepped and ready to make the most of search engine optimization techniques to start bringing new customers to your site’s pages.