Why SEO – Search Engine Optimization is not enough!! SEO Tips From True Albuquerque Marketing Consultants

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This may be one of the most important series of posts you ever read about SEO and online marketing. I have decided to make this series because of the sheer overwhelming quantity of under educated, under-qualified, under experienced people who call themselves marketing consultants, but are really just “seo guys.” There is a big difference between what Elect Media marketing consultants do, and what they “seo people” who actually offer pieces of the marketing process in the form of seo products. Pay attention and stay with me I shall get to the point soon enough….Let me define a few things to set the foundation, then I shall introduce you to the real aha moments you have been waiting for.

Our Marketing Consultants – What We Do

– Provide a complete marketing strategy that gives you the actual strategic message, content, guidance, direction, and step by step custom created processes to get, convert,  keep, and increase customers = make more money!!! PERIOD (of-course we offer the other services as well, but our focus stays the same – make you money)

The Local SEO or Web Design Company – Anybody but us, basically 🙂 – What They Do

– Sell you services that perform a certain task usually in the form of some type of tangible item to provide a medium for your customers to learn about you or send customers to you (web sites, ad words, SEO) Necessary but only a piece of the puzzle.


So you may pay a company to build you a stunning website, but then you realize after some time, you are not getting any traffic or leads from your newly designed website. So some SEO company calls you and shows you some really cool rankings for a customer where they are on page 1 for several terms that sound like good search terms. They give you the sales pitch and tell you that you need more traffic and the way to get that is to be on page 1 of Google and other search engines. This is half way true, yes you need to send traffic to your website, but Google is not the only way to do this and also this doesn’t fix the real underlying problem which we shall discuss shortly.

So you buy the SEO package, and after some time you make it to page 1 of Google for a few important keywords. If you picked a good SEO company you may even be getting some phone calls now and making more money than before. YES!!!!! , you feel better about your investment and if you got a good deal; you feel like you are really getting over. Here is the issue, most people settle here and call it a day and some even go as far as being modest saying, ” i don’t need every customer just enough.” The issue here is not about being greedy, so let me explain then I shall elaborate more on the problem. First let me say, even if you get an “seo person” to do seo for you, if they don’t truly get the entire marketing process you are only getting a fraction of what you could be getting from proper online marketing.

Let us continue….

When people search online to buy anything, when they first start they are trying to see where they can get the best value for whatever it is they are trying to purchase. In fact most people don’t mind paying more if they know the quality and value of what they are going to spend is worth it. There is no such thing as being greedy, people buy certain brands of electronics because the value and quality of it is worth it to them. They would rather spend more money on quality that shall last, over buying something cheap that’ll break in a few days.

Ok, so back to the point…

When most companies hit the first page of Google they just join another 8 to 9 listings that provide the same product or service. The issue is that each listing looks the same look at the picture below.

seo albuquerque online marketing

This is the Google page 1 results for a keyword “seo albuquerque”  we go for in our local market. Yes we are aware of our position (hehe), anyway, look at the listings. Read the listings, everyone of them is saying almost the same thing. The only one with any variation that demands some thought or engages the searcher is our listing. We pose some questions, one of which asks “What is it, and why do you need it?” It makes you think about some things and invites you to get educated about it for free, so you can make an educated decision. So this is the problem, when someone is searching for your product or service, if everyone is saying the same thing, then every company looks the same.


The customer calls the top 6 to 7 companies and says, “how much do you charge,” now you feel forced to compete with your competitors based on price. Even the customer would rather compare the companies based on other metrics but each website is saying the same thing. This is a perfect example of a failed marketing campaign, if you can take what you say and your competitors can say the same thing as you, then your marketing has failed.


Patience, we shall get to this in a future post, our next post shall go deeper into our current subject. In short we provide the solutions to fix this problem. Lets sum it up.

The problem is you can get a website, buy SEO, but the web designers and the SEO marketing firm does not address the main problem.


There is more to it, and I am going to elaborate in the next post.By the way, this is one of the reasons we get the business we do versus our competitors, we don’t have a problem educating you without selling you something. That is another identifier that separates true marketers from “seo guys” we find what is broken in the entire marketing process and fix it. The SEO guys can only tell the same lame story and sale the same old services.