Serene SEO & Internet Marketing Training v2

Finally it's on the way! I've personally learned a great deal of strategies from Serene, who is getting ready for pre-launch of his revamped v2 internet marketing training. Watch the following video or go to the site here.
This guy has been in the shadows for several years focusing only on doing private contracts for customers. Ran into him by chance while doing a contract myself in NY several years ago. This was before I'd gotten into online marketing, in fact it was the reason that sparked my curiosity in the first place. Later that year he invited me to a private mastermind to show me the kind of work he did. Needless to say it was very informative, over 7 years later with full fledge online marketing business I've catapulted my growth from the things he taught in that mastermind group.

Have been asking him for a while to just put out some tips & start to build his name in the IM community but he never wanted to, but the beginning of this year he finally said he would do it, but only wanted to focus on the training aspect of it. With the input from a few other colleagues, finally anyone who has been trying to learn from the real deal has the chance to learn step by step SEO. You don't want to miss this, make sure you subscribe (to the right in side bar) after watching the video, v2 is close to launch. FYI, trying to get my bloggers a sneak peak or pre-launch discount.