Sorry, No Emoji Allowed In Google PLAs (Frown Face)


Just when it looked like the newest frontier for emoji could be PLAs, Google has fixed the glitch, so to speak.

At least one intrepid advertiser figured out how to get an emoji to appear alongside the display URL in its Google Shopping campaign ads, spotted here on (Denmark).

emoji in pla display url

Unfortunately for this and any other advertisers pushing the emoji envelope, Google recently updated its store name guidelines in the Merchant Store policy center to specifically cite emoticons and emoji among its don’ts.

no emoji in google plas

Emoticons and emoji had fallen under the existing guidelines for not using unnecessary symbols, but until the recent update the guidelines only specifically listed “ALL CAPS” as an example of unnecessary use of punctuation, capitalization, or symbols.

So until a business adopts an emoji as part of all of its name (and that is a dare), PLAs will be an emoji-free zone. And, admittedly that’s probably for the best.

Thanks to Frederik Hyldig from s360 A/S for the SERP screenshot.

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