Spider-Man Switches From Bing To Google

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 movie poster Spoiler alert: ComicBook.com reported this weekend everyone’s favorite spider-bitten superhero has switched from searching on Bing to being a full-fledged Google user.

According to the report, Spider-man alias Peter Parker used Bing in the 2012 The Amazing Spider-Man film, much to the disbelief of many hardcore comic book fans:

In a world where somebody bitten by a radioactive spider in an experimental laboratory with very little oversight gains super powers and dons spandex to save New York City from a rampaging lizard man, many fans felt that the most unrealistic element of The Amazing Spider-Man when it debuted theatrically in 2012 was the fact that Peter Parker used Bing, Microsoft’s unpopular search engine, rather than Google in the film.

With the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 last Friday, movie goers learned the lead character Peter Parker, played by Andrew Garfield both searched on Google during the film, and was shown using a Gmail account. (Side note: Garfield’s breakout role happened in 2010 when he played Facebook’s lesser-known founder Eduardo Saverin in Oscar-winning film The Social Network.)

Not only did the film’s lead use Google, ComicBook.com said the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 cast and director hosted a Google+ hang-out to take questions from fans prior to the film’s release.

Whether or not it was a paid product placement on Google’s part is unknown, but ComicBook.com speculates there’s a chance money probably did exchange hands somewhere along the way.