Still hanging onto Bing Ads Campaign Analytics? Time to switch to UET


Bing Ads is alerting advertisers that the days of using Campaign Analytics for conversion tracking are numbered. If you haven’t already made the switch to Universal Event Tracking (UET), the clock is ticking.

Bing Ads will start automatically migrating accounts using Campaign Analytics goals to UET goals starting at the beginning of May. Campaign Analytics will no longer be available as of the end of June 2016.

If you allow Bing Ads to port your goals to UET in May, conversion tracking will be available in Conversion Tracking > Conversion goals in the web UI. Conversion data will continue to flow during this time because Bing Ads will associate the tracking from any Campaign Analytics tags to the UET tag.

By the end of June, however, you’ll need to have swapped out the tracking tags on your site with the UET tag to continue receiving conversion data. Part of the benefit of UET is you can use just one tag to track all your goals and conversions. Another other benefit of UET is that it powers retargeting for search, allowing you to build and targeted audiences of users that have visited your site when they search on Bing.

Last year, Bing Ads made the implementation process for UET much simpler. Simply add the tag to your site and then set up the goals and conversions you want to track in the Bing Ads interface — by the end of June.

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