Study: Search Campaigns Earn Double Conversion & Revenue Rates When Integrated With Social

Marin Software logoAccording to a new study from Marin Software, advertisers that leveraged integrated search and social ad campaigns experienced twice as many conversions, and doubled their revenue per click rates.

Using data from its Global Online Advertising Index, Marin evaluated the performance of paid search campaigns integrated along with social advertising campaigns.

The study found users who clicked on both search and social ads had approximately two times greater conversion rate and spent twice as much than users who only clicked on a search ad. Those results more than quadrupled when compared to users who only clicked on social ads.

Impact of Search and Social Ads On Conversion & Revenue Rates:

Marin study search and social touch points

Analyzing revenue rates for search campaigns, the study found search ads experienced a 26 percent lift in revenue per click when integrated with a social campaign, and a 68 percent increase in revenue per conversion when combined with social.

Search Campaign Performance: Isolated vs. Integrated Management

Marin study impact search on social