Take The Google Geo-Location Test: Where Does Google Think You Are?

google location real time

Google’s geo-location data has numerous applications for marketers. Knowing where site visitors are located can influence ad targeting to where merchants open new locations. But how much faith should we put in the accuracy of location data?

That’s the question Steve Cameron of Spain-based digital advertising firm AdVent Communication wants your help answering.

Cameron has set up a simple survey to submit the results of where Google thinks you are when you visit a site on mobile or desktop and your actual location.

So far the results have been mixed from spot-on to well outside the AdWords targeting radius of 25 miles — some visitors were shown to be thousands of miles from their actual location. But, more data is needed for proper analysis. That’s where you come in.

Submit Your Own Results

Complete the Are You Hiding from Google? test on the AdVent site. You’ll find complete instructions there as well as the instructional video that appears below.

It just takes a few minutes . You’ll need access to a Google Analytics account (preferably for a low-traffic site to make it easier to identify your own visit to the site).

If you submit your results from both a desktop and a mobile visit, that’s even better. We also encourage you to share the link to the survey with others: goo.gl/ryOD6i.

Once enough entries have been collected, Search Engine Land will work with Cameron to publish the results.

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