The 2013 Bing Infographic In Text Format: Bing Indexes A Lot Of Social Content

bing-2013-logo-featuredBing posted their 2013 highlights on the Bing Search Blog, summarizing some key statistics they wanted to share with everyone. They did it as an infographic, I wonder what Google would think about that?

Here is the infographic stats in bullet format followed by the infographic.

  • home page views equals the number of people holding hands around the circumference of the earth
  • Bing had double the search activity on Bing Video compared to 2012
  • If you were to line up 5% of the pixels that make up Bing Maps, you could make four round trips to Venus with trillions of pixels to spare
  • Bing indexes half a billion tweets and 2 billion Facebook status updates each day
  • It would take a 150 years to watch the 800,000 films indexed by Bing
  • Bing powers search on Facebook, Yahoo, parts of Siri and on Amazon’s Kindle

Here is the infographic: