The Google-Twitter Deal Goes Live, Giving Tweets Prominent Placement In Google’s Results


The deal between Google and Twitter to bring more tweets into Google’s search results announced earlier this year is finally delivering on its promise. Google is now showing tweets in a new and more graphical way on mobile devices, with desktop promised soon.

Tweets In Carousel, With Images

Both Twitter and Google shared the news in blog posts today, with examples. Below, here’s our own example of how it looks for a search on #iZombie. There’s a “carousel” of tweets at the top of the page, where many of them show large images:


You can slide through the carousel to see other tweets, as shown below:

tweets in google

When, Where & Why Tweets Appear Uncertain

Tweets don’t always appear at the top of the page. Sometimes they might be elsewhere, such as the middle of the page, as this example for “MacBook Pro” shows:

macbook tweets on google

Sometimes, tweets might not appear at all. We asked Google about why tweets might show, what controls exactly where they show, if they’re showing all tweets for a query in chronological order or filtering in some way such as to block obscenity or to surface more popular tweets. The company wouldn’t answer any of those questions.

Google’s blog post on the deal does say:

It’s a great way to get real-time info when something is happening. And it’s another way for organizations and people on Twitter to reach a global audience at the most relevant moments.

So presumably, you’re more likely to see tweets in Google when a hashtag, topic, person or organization appears to be trending or is newsworthy.

For Twitter, Traffic

Twitter tells us that there’s no direct monetization involved. IE, no clicks on tweets at Google will earn Twitter any direct money. So what’s Twitter getting out of this, assuming it’s not being paid a large licensing fee from Google? Traffic.

For example, as shown below, clicking on the “More Tweets” link associated with the new Twitter carousel at Google will launch Twitter on someone’s browser, where they can get see more tweets, see ads from Twitter and be encouraged to download the app or sign-up:

google to twitter

It’s important to note that this is NOT tweets coming into Google for the first time, or the first time since the last formal deal ended. Tweets have continued to be in Google since that last deal. The new deal just allows for more of the and with deeper integration. Our past post explains more about this: FAQ: How Twitter’s New Deal To Bring Tweets To Google Search Works.

Mobile For Now, Desktop Promised

Right now, the new implementation will only be offered for those searching in the US, in English, using either their browser in iOS or Android or the Google Search App. Twitter promises support for desktop and other languages in the coming months.

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