The Most Popular Presentations Of SMX Advanced 2014

SMX Advanced this June was, as usual, rich in forward-thinking strategy and tactical advice from experienced leaders in SEO, social media, PPC and mobile marketing.upclose_adv14

Expert marketers and industry insiders including Bing’s Anna Hughes, Bigdoor’s Joanna Lord, Disney’s Jeff Preston and even yours truly took the stage, each to share their unique experience and knowledge with attendees.

Out of every SMX show comes a ton of awesome content you can use again and again to guide your online marketing strategy. Attendees often ask if the presentations are available while we’re still in the conference room – they’re super hungry for knowledge and can’t wait to get their hands on speakers’ decks!

The crew of organizers do a great job of getting them online so people can reread the key takeaways from each session and get to work on implementing changes right away.

So, do you want to know what really resonated this year? Here are the most popular decks from SMX Advanced in the short time since the show ended, based on Slideshare views:

A Mad Men Approach To Social Media For The Search Marketers  7,400+ views

Lisa Williams, Search Discovery

Content marketing and everything-digital superstar Lisa Williams talked communication and planning tips, executive buy-in, and search/social collaboration in her Mad Men-inspired presentation on opening day.

If you’re tired of hearing that breaking down silos is a good thing and want to dive into the methodology to actually accomplish it, this deck is a must-read.

Comparing SEO Ranking Factors From 2013 To 2014 7,200+ views

Marcus Tober, Searchmetrics

Yesterday’s SEO strategy is so… well, yesterday. Marcus Tober walked attendees through the evolution of search ranking factors from last year to today, from on-page to technical elements to content.

Marcus is on a mission to make sure no man (or woman) is left behind. Check out his deck to see where you might need to make some adjustments to keep up.

SEO Success Factors 5,900+ views

Matthew Brown, Moz

What does it take to successfully optimize your site in 2014? Matthew Brown talked Hummingbird, correlation vs. causation, linking strategy, rich snippets and more in his examination of current ranking factors.

This is definitely worth bookmarking for future reference in the coming months.

How UX Affects SEO Ranking Factors 5,300+ views

Marianne Sweeny, Portent

Search users are inherently distracted – we’re pulling their attention in a thousand different directions. How can you stand out and offer a better user experience? And just how does UX affect SEO?

Marianne Sweeny says the two got off on the wrong foot, then offers workable, logical solutions for you to make it right.

The Future Of A Brand 3,300+ views

Joanna Lord, Bigdoor

Industry veteran Joanna Lord never disappoints with her in-depth instruction and replicable examples of successful online marketing strategy. In this presentation, she showcases the most innovative, accomplished brands on the web and offers step-by-step guidance for marketers wishing to follow in their footsteps.

Debunking AdWords Myths And Other Dogma 2,500+ views

Larry Kim, WordStream

My goal with this presentation at SMX Advanced this year was to dispel some of the conventional “wisdom” around Google AdWords and inspire attendees to dig deeper.

It’s totally possible to make huge, super impactful gains in your AdWords campaigns, but only once you let go of what everyone else is doing.

The Coming Paradigm Shift In Mobile Marketing 2,100+ views

Cindy Krum, MobileMoxie

Mobile internet users are set to surpass desktop within the next few years. Are you ready? Mobile data = money, says mobile expert Cindy Krum, but marketers have to learn to make better use of it.

See what mobile can track, how you can stay on the right side of privacy and permission-based marketing, and more in her highly informative deck.

The Advanced SEO’s Guide To Link Penalties And Clean Ups 1,800+ views

Rob Woods, Rob Woods Consulting

You mean you don’t just disavow all the things? If you’ve been hit by a furry (or feathery) Google animal, Rob Woods wants you to get smart and systematic with your clean-up efforts.

Whether manual or algorithmic, penalties can be remedied – Rob’s tips and step-by-step processes will help you get your traffic back as quickly as possible.

Happily Ever After: Open Graph, Twitter Cards & 1,300+ views

Jeff Preston, Disney Interactive

It’s a digital marketing fairy tale! Cool tools and technologies like and Open Graph are enabling marketers to share more relevant information with search and social engines, and provide a richer experience for users.

Jeff Preston shares how Disney manages to mark up their massive volume of content for better rankings and shares his must-use tools for doing so.

Is Your Mobile Search Campaign Ready For Back to School? 1,100+ views

Anna Hughes, Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Bing Ads Mobile

Mobile plays a key role across the entire customer journey, across screens and devices, from discovery to purchase and even post-sales support. The Bing Ads team are constantly analyzing trends in mobile search and helping marketers to identify opportunities to optimize ahead of consumer demand.

Anna Hughes delves into cost-effective bidding strategies and shares unique research on when people search – and what they’re searching for – in the back-to-school run-up.

All of the SMX Advanced 2014 Wisdom You Can Handle – At Your Fingertips

You can access all of these presentations and many, many more on SMX’s SlideShare channel, organized under the #smxadv14 hashtag. Keep them handy – I guarantee you’ll refer to it often until SMX Advanced rolls around again next year!