‘Tis the season! Google spreads cheer with its Holiday 2016 Day 1 doodle


Today’s Google doodle is the the first of Google’s holiday 2016 doodle series.

Designed by doodler Gerben Steenks, the animated image turns the Google letters into a crew of carolers.

From the Google Doodle Blog:

Dating back thousands of years, the original carols were songs specific to certain regions, and shared by wandering minstrels on their travels between towns. It wasn’t until the early 1800’s that the practice of caroling as we know it, spread across England and western Europe. During this time, cities began hosting outdoor orchestras that played songs for people to sing along with as they walked by.

The doodle leads to a search for “‘Tis the season!” and includes a sharing icon to post the image on social feeds or send via email.


The doodle is posted on most of Google’s home pages around the world, including warmer-climate countries in Central America, a handful in South America and most of Africa.

There is a second similarly-designed doodle — titled “Holiday 2016 (Day 1) Warm Climates” — that is posted on a small collection of Google’s home pages, including Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Cuba and most of South America.


It leads to searches for both “‘Tis the season!” and “Happy Holidays.”

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