TopSEOs: “We Have Not Been Banned By Google”


Despite Google apparently dropping two of its domains this week, TopSEOs denies that it has been banned and says it’s in contact with Google to discuss the situation.

On Wednesday, Mark Jackson at Vizion Interactive posted that TopSEOs had been deindexed in Google’s search results. Sure enough, Google searches that day for returned no results, and the domain still appears to be gone from Google’s index:


After this happened, the company moved its website to a new domain,, which I saw was being indexed by Google on Thursday. But sometime in the past 24 hours or so, Google de-indexed that domain, as well.


After that, TopSEOs began using a third domain, As of about 11:00 am PT today, that domain was showing close to 700 URLs in Google’s index.


TopSEOs: We’re Not Banned

In an email exchange today, TopSEOs CEO Jeev Trika gave us this statement saying that the company hasn’t been banned:

We have not been “banned” by Google and we are now in direct contact with them regarding this matter.

We’ve also contacted Google twice since Wednesday, but both times the company declined to comment on why TopSEOs’ domains no longer appear in Google’s search results. That’s not unusual; Google rarely comments on individual cases such as this.

Trika declined to answer our questions about whether or not TopSEOs received any kind of penalty notice in Google Webmaster Tools. But he did give us an explanation on the domain/website switches this week:

We are being targeted by someone reporting to Google with ulterior motives and therefore are required to change the domain name until Google gets a chance to review the facts.

TopSEOs, which claims to review SEO agencies and issues monthly ratings that are often used as marketing collateral by highly-rated companies, has had issues raised about its operations for years.

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