Twitter B2B Top-Dog Targeting: Thursday’s Psychographic Hot House


Ever had a product or service to promote to the C-Suite within a large corporation and wish you could reach the CEO, CFO, CMO or all of the above? In last week’s post, we showed you how to target the C-Suite on Facebook in Nail B2B Authority Targeting: Psychographic Targeting Hot House. In this week’s edition of aimClear’s Psychographic Targeting Hot House, Lea Scudamore, Production Manager, throws you a bone to focus on the top dogs with Twitter.

Step 1: Geo-locate HQ

When you’re looking to target the higher-ups within a large corporation, start by tracking down and targeting the home city of headquarters.

August Targeting Hot House Location Image #1 resized to 800

Step 2: #Official Handles

Next, add followers of the company’s official handles, the PR team’s handles and the local store handle, if available. Then, research the who’s who (via LinkedIn) at the company and research their Twitter handles.

Step 2 Followers-1

Step 3: Focus Financially

Not all followers of a brand in or around the HQ city are going to be decision-makers. However, within Twitter, you can further zero in on the audience by income. By utilizing Twitter’s “Limit targeting by excluding behaviors” feature (as shown below), add income levels of individuals earning less than $199,999. By excluding income, you’ve successfully isolated Twitter users earning $200+K and layered this targeting as a qualifier to your existing targeting.

August Targeting Hot House Negative Incomes Image #2 resized to 800

The end result is an audience of 5,000 people who make more than $200K, live in or near the city where the headquarters is based and either follow one of the company’s handles or are targeted directly by their personal Twitter handles.

By combining location, handles and financials, you’ve put the powerful C-Suite of top dogs into focus in three easy steps.


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