Type Or Speak “Hodor” To Google & Get A Game Of Thrones Surprise

hodor on google

Google and its Google Search App now have a special surprise for “Game of Thrones” fans. Saying or typing “Hodor” causes Google to respond as Hodor would — speaking all in Hodor.

Along with recent updates including new Now cards and a “flip a coin” feature, Google’s Search App has gained the Hodor support. Saying, “Ok Google, Hodor” or tapping the Search App microphone icon before pronouncing “Hodor” will deliver a direct answer box filled with the “Game of Thrones” character’s most often repeated line which happens to be his name.

To make it work, I had to use the “Ok Google” prompt first; although, this may have more to do with my slight cold and somewhat Southern accent.

Google search Hodor Easter Egg

Typing “Hodor” into Google produces the same thing, a search page with a special “Hodor” box filled with Hodor at the top. Clicking on the little “Hodor?” link just keeps the Hodor conversation going.

If you’re not a follower of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” hit show, Hodor is one of the good guys whose only speaking lines involve stating his name.

Before becoming a Google Easter Egg, “Game of Thrones” author George Martin used his character’s signature line to have fun with fans with the following Tweet:

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