Update: Brands saw bigger search lifts from releasing ads early online than actual Super Bowl ads


Last week, we reported on data that showed Super Bowl advertisers that teased their ads online ahead of the big game saw a bump in branded search volume. Quantcast has now analyzed the impact Super Bowl Sunday had on the five brands that ran ads during the game. The results show just how much momentum releasing ads or teasers early can bring.

With just one exception, none of the brands saw the level of lift from their game day ads airing as from initially releasing their ads and teasers online. In comparing search volume over the two days before the game to the two days following the Super Bowl, Quantast found the three CPG brands saw triple-digit lifts in branded search volume, while the two B2B advertisers saw little to no impact.

Only Mr. Clean, which released two ad teasers ahead of the game, saw a bigger change in branded search volume after the full ad ran during the Super Bowl (407 percent, than after releasing its teasers (313 percent). It saw the greatest boost in brand search from its Super Bowl commercial among the five brands measured.

Search Volume Lift for Brands In Days After Ads Aired During The Super Bowl


Before the game, Snickers’ search volume had skyrocketed 2,669 percent from the release of its four teasers promoting the fact that it would be filming its ad live during the Super Bowl. After the game day ad aired, Snickers saw an incremental increase of 325 percent.

Budweiser’s commercial drove branded search up 192 percent after the game, less than the 650 percent lift seen after it released its ad online the week before.

The B2B brands Wix and Intel saw much less dramatic results in terms of brand search from their Super Bowl efforts in terms of driving search interest for their brands.

Intel’s brand search had increased 136 percent after the online release of its ad starring Tom Brady and just 8 percent after the game. Website development company, Wix, didn’t get a bump in branded search volume from its game day ad at all, according to Quantcast. The company saw a meager 24 percent lift with its online release.

Interestingly, the two advertisers that released teasers online  — Mr. Clean and Snickers — saw the greatest post-game lifts in brand search. It’s likely this strategy will continue to develop next year.

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