Valentine’s Day Google Logo Tells 6 “This American Life” Love Stories With An Intro From Ira Glass

Google heartToday, Google is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a heartwarming logo that includes six different stories of love with an introduction from NPR radio personality and host of This American Life Ira Glass.

When you go to Google’s homepage, the logo is slightly faded out and the letters automatically turn into six candy hearts with the following labels: “Crush,” “Mr. Right,” “First Kiss,” “4Ever Yours,” “Puppy Luv” and “Blind Date.”

Each of the candy hearts tell a story, from a middle school crush to a bride who feared she had made a mistake upon waking the day after her wedding.

Clicking on the share icon lets users post a candy heart with Google’s “g” and the phrase, “Happy Valentine’s Day from #GoogleDoodle and #ThisAmericanLife.”

The search icon takes users to a results page for Valentine’s Day, and the info button pops up a small dialogue box that lets people know the “Words” are from This American Life, the music is Roger Neill, and that all stories are true.

Also (and little less heartwarming) the “Share a special moment with your Valentine today” link beneath the logo takes users to a Disney promotion where people can share a select frame from a Disney movie.

Google Valentines logo 2014