Voice, mobile & apps: Get the latest on Google’s search developments at SMX

Voice, mobile & apps – get the latest on Google’s search developments at SMX

Doubling down on voice

Between the many Google Home and Google Assistant announcements, it’s clear that marketers need to shift content creation strategies to focus not only on natural conversational language, but also the context of the conversation query — from which device and the time/location of a query.

Joe Youngblood noted in his recent column:

“Voice Search and Google assistant are exciting technologies that promise to make searching at home a more immersive and useful experience; however, they come with challenges we as marketers must be ready to face and find solutions to.”

At Search Engine Land’s SMX Advanced conference, Eric Enge will address these challenges and suggest opportunities for marketers in his “Attaining Position Zero: Featured Snippets In The Google Home & Google Assistant World” session.

All the apps

Google also announced Instant Apps, not to be confused with PWAs (progressive web apps), native apps or AMP pages. As described in the article, Instant Apps are like “AMP for apps.” As Google continues the headlong push into what appears to be not just “mobile-first,” but mobile-only, understanding the differences between the platforms, technologies and their uses remains critical for marketers.

Our experts in Seattle will define these differences and discuss the ways that marketers can take advantage of them during these sessions:

Still wondering what to make of all the announcements? Come to the keynote with Google’s Gary Illyes. It’s an AMA (Ask Me Anything), so have your questions ready!

See you in Seattle!

Tickets are nearly sold out, so to secure your spot among the top experts and most advanced attendees, register now.

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