WATCH: Microsoft’s Cortana Keynote At SMX Advanced 2014

smx-logoYou’re probably pretty familiar already with Siri and Google Now, the personal assistant-type technologies from Apple and Google, respectively. Each has its own approach to the idea of providing information and answering questions without needing a traditional search box and search query.

You may be a bit less familiar with Cortana — she’s Microsoft’s upcoming take on personal assistant technology, and in many ways, she promises to combine some of the best aspects of Siri and Google Now.

There’s no need to be unfamiliar any longer. Microsoft’s Marcus Ash and Rob Chambers sat down with Danny Sullivan, our founding editor, for a keynote conversation at SMX Advanced earlier this month. They talked about how Cortana makes people do more searches, as well as the company’s thoughts on monetizing Cortana and porting it to other platforms. Those are links to our keynote coverage, but you can watch the whole conversation now on the SMX YouTube channel and embedded below.