What is ‘Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)?’ Learn everything you need to know

It’s no secret that marketing organizations have been overwhelmed by the volume of Big Data now residing in department silos throughout the enterprise. Increasingly, marketing leaders are responsible for purchasing and managing a growing ecosystem of martech applications that enable business users to collect, analyze and act on customer data. Integrating the data housed in multiple systems has become a huge challenge.

Demand for a more effective way to integrate martech applications is fueling the growth of integration platform as a service (iPaaS) solutions. These cloud-based tools act as integration “hubs” that connect software applications deployed in different environments

MarTech Today’s “Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS): A Marketer’s Guide” examines the market for Integration Platform as a Service tools and what you should expect when implementing this software in your business. This 52-page report is your source for the latest trends, opportunities and challenges facing the market for iPaaS tools as seen by industry leaders, vendors and their customers.

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