What Search Marketers Can Expect To Learn @SMX West In Silicon Valley

Amit Singhal, SVP & Engineer at Google, Talks with Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land at SMX West

Amit Singhal, SVP & Engineer at Google, Talks with Danny Sullivan of Search Engine Land at SMX West 2014

Search Engine Land’s annual search marketing conference, SMX West in San Jose, California is coming up quickly – March 3-5 2015! Since Silicon Valley is home to major campuses for Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft and Apple among many others, it’s the perfect location to attend an industry conference in the heart of it all.

With just over six weeks until showtime, we wanted to highlight what digital marketers can expect from this year’s power-packed sessions about SEO, SEM, owned and paid social media, local search, mobile marketing, analytics and conversion optimization – all are set to deliver focused insights to take back to the office.

With 60 sessions over 3 days worth of multiple tracks, you’re sure to build a custom itinerary that suits your needs when you review the full agenda. Of course, you can’t be everywhere at once, especially when two or more sessions are appealing topics - so we encourage you to bring a colleague – or two or three.

Long Live SEO

You thought SEO was dead, didn’t you? Despite all the unfounded rumors of its demise, all of us here at Search Engine Land can assure you that SEO is very much alive and far from its expiration date.

In fact, we’re willing to bet there’s several hot and new topics you and your team need to get up to speed on. Alongside the SEO focused Boot Camp sessions for attendees just learning the ropes, those with more advanced technical skills will get deep into in-the-trenches talk and enjoy forward-thinking sessions in the spotlight, including:

cortana examples

Voice search and predictive search is the next big thing in search, and SEOs need to be thinking about the prospective marketing opportunity within this quickly evolving arena. If you are interested in learning more, you’ll want to be sure to attend:

Master SEM & Paid Search Advertising

If you’re a regular reader of Search Engine Land, you know that we’re covering SEM related news daily, along with in-the-trenches PPC tips and campaign management strategies from our expert contributors.

The paid search advertising, retargeting and dynamic ads focused sessions at SMX West are a live-action version of everything you read here, plus our regular coverage of mobile marketing and display ads on our sister site, Marketing Land.

You can expect to head home from the conference with some serious homework from this sampling of search marketing sessions:

Become A Content Marketing Superstar

Content. Content. Content. It’s always been the cornerstone of SEO and social media marketing campaigns. But where do you begin when trying to sketch out a successful content marketing campaign? These content focused sessions are a fantastic place to start:

Execute Successful Owned & Paid Social Media Campaigns

While SMX conferences have traditionally been and always will be primarily search marketing focused, there’s always attention given to integration of search with other marketing channels.

In San Jose, speakers will discuss how they have successfully integrated both paid and organic search marketing efforts with their social media campaigns in sessions like:

Data - search and social

Analytics & Conversion Optimization

You asked, we listened. In addition to deep dive Analytics track featuring the always mind-blowing Expert Excel Essentials session and an all-new tools session, we’ve added a complete track stacked with conversion optimization tips and tactics:

The Conversion Funnel

Mobile & Local Search

In addition to the smartphone voice and mobile search features mentioned above, there’s a number of additional sessions focused on SEO and SEM tactics for mobile and local search marketers, including:

Keynote By NYT Best Seller Bill Tancer

Every business faces being reviewed by their customers, whether they know it or not, whether they like it or not. That’s why it’s important to have a game plan, to know how to approach certain type of reviews, reviewer and ways to ensure you’re getting top marks. 

SMX Keynote Bill Tancer 800x450

 Bill Tancer’s book is full of excellent advice to help, coming from scores of interviews with business owners large and small. We’re excited he’ll be distilling some of that advice into actionable takeaways during his SMX West keynote. – Danny Sullivan

Networking With The Who’s Who Of Silicon Valley

Here’s the bad news - (sorry to disappoint!) - you may not get to meet this cast of characters:

HBO Silicon Valley Cast at Emmy Awards

However, what we can promise is that you will rub elbows and talk shop with some of the industry’s most engaging and experienced speakers, plus get to meet many of the contributing columnists from Search Engine Land and Marketing Land, as well as representatives from several major platforms.

You’ll also have ample opportunity to connect with peers dealing with similar challenges, whether you’re in-house or at an agency.

Between breakfast and lunch gatherings featuring our popular Birds of a Feather tables, refreshment breaks, cocktail receptions and the always entertaining SMX After Dark party, you’ll be sure to make some new friends and professional connections.

If you think you can’t afford to miss this search marketing conference, you’re right! Check out the entire 2015 SMX West Conference agenda and be sure to register early for the best rates. See you in San Jose!

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