What Time Does Super Bowl 2014 Start? Look Up!

Along with the Super Bowl, there’s another annual big game that happens — sites trying to be number one for “What Times Does The Super Bowl Start?” This year, I want to win by pointing out that no one should click on any of the articles competing. Just look up, searchers — Google already won.

Every year, we have a recap of all the attempts by publications to rank tops for this search :

If you want another look at the history of all this, see the story from the Atlantic that came out this week.

Perhaps most notable to me was Gawker’s entry this year, a chart of all Super Bowl start times since 1967:


Well done, Gawker. Much more creative that the Bleacher Report, which has so, so, so many entries this year:

But to some degree, none of this matters. Google shows the start time at the top of its results:

So all those people trying to get the clicks for this search down below. Unneeded. But still, I thought it would be funny if this article made it to the top, to show up within Google’s results telling people to look up. If you agree, tweet, link, share, Google+ the heck out of it.

Oh, and Super Bowl 2014 starts at 6:30pm ET, 3:30pm PT, on Sunday, Feb. 2 — according to Google. Be sure to also tune in for our live blog of all the ads and a count of who’s winning in social media menetions at The Hashtag Bowl.